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Process Modelling & Operations

Metallurgical and chemical operations are diverse and complicated. Usually, they involve a multitude of events such as liquid metal/slag/gas/refractory reactions, multiphase flows, heat losses, alloy additions, vacuum refining, erosion of refractories, generation of inclusions and clogging of nozzles, to name a few.

In order to attain significant understanding and improvement of these operations, simulation of the entire process by the development of accurate process models is necessary. The general trend to approach these kind of problems is either from the transport phenomena point of view or from the thermochemistry point of view. An accurate description of a process model can only be obtained when both the above approaches are integrated with process knowledge to get a complete picture.

Dastur, having a wide pool of talent encompassing both researchers and engineers with vast shop floor experience, focuses on delivering value-added solutions to its energy, chemicals, metals and mining clients through cutting- edge modelling and simulation techniques as mentioned below:

  • Process Modelling and Simulation

    Practical experience, analytical skills, physical modelling skills, machine learning plus world-class analysis tools such as Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer (CFD), Finite Element Modeling (FEM) and Computational Thermodynamics are widely used by our team. Our team gets involved in all aspects of project development from concept to operations including process design, scale-up, implementation, start-up and further into operational assistance. The Dastur team consists of experts with years of valuable experience in engineering and simulation. Our services are focused on the following major areas:

    • Chemical/Metallurgical Reactions
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Finite Element Modelling and Computer Aided Engineering
    • Data Analytics

    Simulation reduces the cost of too many bench scale and pilot-plant campaigns and shop floor trials, increases the belief factor and mitigates technological risk.

  • Lab scale experiments

    Dastur experts are able to design, assemble and build complex experimental systems for its clients, including full-scale water modelling systems, metal delivery systems, scaffolding systems, data acquisition systems, furnace setups, for process studies, which help in bench scale and pilot scale testing of different processes. The goal is to use experimentation as a tool for sensitivity analyses and root cause analysis and complimented with simulation.

  • Yield and productivity improvements

    Dastur is totally committed to improving both yield and productivity, be it in ferrous, non-ferrous and chemical processes. While depleting feed stock grades have made yield improvement a necessity in almost every industry, increase in productivity is need of the hour to sustain in fiercely competitive markets. Each process is unique and that is why our team of experts investigates each problem from the grassroots level to provide a total solution to the clients. Various simulations and lab-scale experiments are performed to back-up our extensive process knowledge and come up with an innovative solution. In addition to suggesting the solution, we help our clients in implementing these solutions as well.

  • Metal quality improvements

    The quality of final product determines its acceptability for a specific application. For e.g., the total oxygen content should be = 40 ppm and = 15 ppm for IF and tire cord grades respectively. The development of high alloy steels such as TWIP/TRIP steels results in the generation of harmful AlN and Al2O3 inclusions, whereas TiN and TiOx inclusions are formed on Al-Ti deoxidation in high Cr stainless steel. These inclusions can give rise to problems such as ‘nozzle clogging’ and ‘surface defects of final product’. Dastur experts suggest effective operating practices which result in critical contents of dissolved elements such as Ti, N, O, etc., thereby controlling inclusion formation and thus product quality.

  • What-if and root-cause analyses of problems

    Dastur experts team up with their clients to attain a proper understanding of the problem, and then follow-up with an in-depth analysis. All the possible causes for an unfavorable outcome are outlined first, from where the root cause is identified based on a mix of internal brainstorming, process modelling, experimentation and experience. Root-cause analysis is of utmost importance as it provides the right starting point for resolving an issue. The next important step is to test various what-if scenarios. This is easier said than done if it is based on trial and error experiments. Dastur utilizes its profound process simulation capabilities to analyze various what-if scenarios and even test cases with adverse operating conditions making them impossible to analyze experimentally.

  • New process development

    In order to prosper under the present market conditions, industries are required to develop new processes/technologies that are more efficient and environmentally friendly. Dastur has been a strong proponent of new process/technology development over the years. Utilizing its strong mix of experience, process knowledge, innovative thinking and state-of-the-art facilities, Dastur has been delivering great values to its clients over the past decades. Moreover, Dastur helps its clients in IP creation and IP portfolio management.

  • Waste to Value

    Waste recycling is a huge topic nowadays. Effective utilization of wastes can generate significant revenues for any industry. Dastur helps its clients to generate values from waste products efficiently by designing custom-made innovative techniques. Our experts have been able to utilize various kinds of waste products for a number of purposes viz., ash recycling from coal, accelerated metal recovery from slag, extraction of precious materials from gassifier bottoms, production of valuable by-products amongst others. Process models are developed to simulate chemical reactions, perform heat and mass balances, followed by cost savings from process operations. Additionally, some proof-of-concept experiments are performed to validate the model predictions.

  • Emission control and environmental policies

    The rising levels of Green House Gases (GHG) and Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) metal emissions and visible climate change has made the environmental policies very stringent. Dastur is committed to the development of a pollution-free environment for our future generations. The clients get assistance in development of sustainable environmental strategies complying with global regulations. Failing to attain meet these regulations can unnecessarily delay or even terminate the project.

  • Cost/Energy savings for process operations

    Dastur has a dedicated team which performs different types of analyses such as capital expenditure, operating expenditure, specific energy consumption, etc. With decades of experience in undertaking similar type of tasks in multitude of industries, Dastur has been offering a lot of assistance to its clients.

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