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Gasification, Petrochemicals & Carbon Capture

By gasifying coals to synthetic gas (syn-gas) in an economically viable and sustainable manner, an entire gasification economy based on clean coal technology can be created. The syn-gas based production of methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, DME and steel while capturing the emitted carbon dioxide can enable a variety of energy, chemical and petrochemical products which have minimal effect on the environment. The captured carbon dioxide can be used for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) from ageing oil fields thus increasing oil production significantly.

Dastur is a pioneer in conceptualizing and engineering coal gasification, carbon capture and gasification based downstream chemical, petrochemical and steel plants.

Dastur works with the governments, enterprises and the US Department of Energy (US DoE) on enabling large scale gasification-based energy and chemical systems worldwide. Dastur also works with the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC), a US DoE facility, on enabling both pre-combustion and post-combustion capture from power, chemical, steel, cement and other related carbon emission intense industries.

Recent projects:

  • Techno-economic viability and operations analysis of Coal Gasification plant and related chemical, steel and carbon capture system for JSPL, Angul
  • Feasibility of Coal Gasification based Methanol and Ammonia plant for JSPL
  • Basic Engineering and Design of Coal Gasification based syn-gas fuel system for an Aluminum plant
  • Techno-Economic Analysis and Economic Impact modeling of a Coal gasification economy with carbon capture for EOR and sequestration NITI Aayog, India
  • Workshop on Coal gasification for the Chemicals and Petrochemicals Industry for India with the economics of crude substitution and enhanced oil recovery through CO2 injection. Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, India

News & Publications:

  • Government keen to source coal gasification technology from US
    February 14, 2019 | The Economic Times
  • US federal agency to work with Indian co on carbon capture storage and utilization tech
    September 1, 2018 | Business Standard
  • MN Dastur Arm, US Energy Dept Enters Carbon Capture Deal
    August 15, 2018 | The Economic Times, Kolkata
  • ‘Coal gasification & CCS can be game changer in Indian energy matrix’
    Publication: 28 February 2019 | Coal Insights
  • Gasification “better pathway to CCS in India”
    Publication: November - December 2018 | Carbon Capture Journal


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