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Environmental Engineering

Environment protection is at the core of every project engineered by Dastur. Not only all Dastur designed projects conform to all required compliances or statues they are also built from the ground up for environment protection and sustainability. Dastur is also accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Education & Training (NABET) for undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies for all major industries. Dastur's environmental engineering services are also internationally acclaimed and have been called in by UNIDO and UNEP.

Dastur offers a comprehensive range of quality services to meet the diverse demands of environment management in the context of the growing global concern for bettering the environment. Dastur's capabilities in environmental engineering and management services include:

  • Environmental evaluation of process technology 
  • Environmental impact assessment studies 
  • Environmental management planning 
  • Evolution of pollution standards
  • Environmental audit consultancy as required under ISO 14001
  • Environmental engineering services 
  • Human resource development for EMS
  • Environmental risk assessment and consequence modelling
  • Trouble-shooting of anti-pollution equipment and systems
  • Maintenance and management of environmental pollution control facilities
  • Landscaping and greenbelt development
  • Life cycle analysis and environmental improvement
  • Waste generation & Management
  • Ecology (Terrestrial, Aquatic), Land, Geology, Geo-Hydrology, Society

Recently completed projects:

  • Tata Steel - Environment management of Jamshedpur worksPOSCO - Comprehensive EIA for 12mtpa projectEnvironmental Management Plan (EMP) for Kolkata metro railway extension project


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