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Construction Management & Site Supervision

Construction management and monitoring of site activities have been one of the core competencies of Dastur and it has extensive specialised experience in this field. Over the years the organisation has gained specialised expertise in detailed supervision. The services include Construction Monitoring & Co-ordination, Assistance in Procurement service for civil/ structural/ equipment erection work, Co-ordination amongst client and contractors working on site and Site supervision.

Our Construction Management services include the following:

Construction Monitoring & Co-ordination

Procurement Assistance

  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Equipment erection work
  • Co-ordination with clients and contractors

Site supervision

  • Progress Surveillance
  • Quality Surveillance
  • Work Certification and Billing
  • Quantity Surveillance
  • Monitoring and Progress Report
  • Safety Surveillance
  • Claim Settlements
  • "As-Built" Drawings
  • Co-ordination and Interaction


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