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Logistics & Layouts

Efficient and flexible supply chains are a source of competitive advantage for today’s global enterprise. Logistics and distribution/supply chain is a significant component in manufacturing operations, both from a strategic and the operational perspective. Almost 10% of the overall costs of goods can be attributed to logistics and distribution in the manufacturing industry.

It has been our observation that 90% of the time spent in manufacturing a product is spent in either in-plant movement or storage. Reducing the in-plant movement and minimizing the storage of work-in-progress will have a direct impact on reducing cycle times and hence manufacturing productivity.

Dastur designs in-plant strategies that optimize movement and storage within a manufacturing plant. Drawing upon its operational expertise and analytical tools framework, it develops an optimal movement of equipment and materials, minimizes work-in-progress and recommends corresponding changes in process operations.

Some of the areas in the Layout, Transportation & Logistics services are:

  • Plant general layout
  • In-bound, in-plant and out-bound transportation logistics
  • Planning and engineering of in-plant railway and road networks
  • Designing of storage and handling yards including resource requirements like cranes/dumpers/trailers etc.
  • Plant stormwater drainage, Rain water harvesting systems and Sanitary sewerage systems
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