Dastur Innovation Labs

"Dastur is a world class organization… Excellent work product. We are thrilled with the progress and partnership"

David Cheney
- CEO, Stelco Inc.

  • Saikat Chatterjee

    - Practice Leader, Process Metallurgy, Dastur Innovation Labs, India

Who we are

Dastur Innovation Labs (DIL), headquartered in Toronto, is a part of Dastur - the global energy, chemicals, petrochemicals, mining and metals consulting firm. DIL carries out cutting-edge applied research, process and operations modelling, and design, to solve difficult challenges faced by our customers. Our work spans the areas of quality, yield, throughput, logistics and process improvements across basic industries.

What we do

At DIL we are always looking to creatively tackle challenges faced by our customers using lab-scale models and large-scale simulations of their operations, while minimizing costly trial-run and stoppages. Examples of recent solutions developed by the lab include mathematical and physical modelling of coal blending, energy optimization, refining and casting operations, melt-shop throughput and capacity optimizations, emissions control, waste to value, and new process and grade development. These have led to significant improvements in product quality, production volumes and material consumption, energy efficiency, translating into measurable cost reductions and profitability improvements for clients.

Our team

The DIL team includes our principal consultant Dr.Kinnor Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, who is a recipient of the AIST Kent D. Peaslee Award (2016) and the CIM METSOC Brimacombe Award (2016). The DIL global team consists of interdisciplinary experts in energy systems, materials engineering, computation, and engineering systems. We have significant experience in the industry and work with process operations, engineering, automation and business experts in Dastur's Indian and European offices.


Dr. Saikat

PhD, University of Toronto; M.Sc., McGill University


Dr. Anand

Ph.D., McMaster University, Canada


Dr. Achintya
Kumar Das

BE, MTech, PhD


Dr. Donghui Li

Research Associate, Univ. of Toronto, Postdoctoral fellow, McGill University

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