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Direct Reduction

Dastur has extensive experience in direct reduction (DR) - both gas-based and coal-based processes, with in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in DR process technology, performance of operating plants and availability of process equipment in India and abroad.

It is one of the very few internationally recognised consultancy organisations in this field. With specialised expertise in the planning, design and engineering of DR plants, Dastur is today, the only independent consulting engineering organisation in the field with experience of all gas-based DR processes. 

The organisation has extensive experience in evaluating all commercial processes of direct reduction and has carried out comprehensive studies for both coal and gas based DR plants with respect to the productivity, selection of raw materials, the consumption of energy and evaluation of emerging technologies, etc.


Dastur also has expertise in providing design & engineering services for ferrous foundry including design of pattern shop, sand preparation unit, mould preparation unit, core making unit, fettling and finishing unit etc.

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After Dr. Dastur's return to India, he pursued the development of the direct reduction industry in the country. As early as 1951, Dr. Dastur was appointed consultant on behalf of Brassert for a project by the Rotary Electric Steel Co., USA, the first ever consultancy on a direct reduction project. This culminated in Dastur being appointed as consulting engineers for the first direct reduction project in India in 1974.

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