Deeper Technology Expertise

Our team of technology experts dives deeper into their fields with more resources, to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions. A good example is our Dastur Innovation Labs, headquartered in Toronto and headed by Dr. Kinnor Chattopadhyay. With the objective of improving key performance indicators using process modelling and analytics, Kinnor leads a world class team which supplement the Dastur engineering experts at our global offices in India and Europe

Deeper Analysis

Our analysts have spent entire careers in the industries we serve. We have experts in process, engineering and finance, who work closely to understand process economics and the interplay of production cost and profitability with changing raw material inputs and utilization.

Deeper Commitment to Results

We do not sell powerpoint. Our engineering roots allow us to analyse the bottom line impact, test it in our labs, assist with technology selection and follow up with engineering implementations where needed, all from a 100% owner's viewpoint, Dastur's approach from concept to commissioning in engineering has served our clients well for six decades. We have extended our service offerings to tackle their biggest operations challenges, where we not only analyze, but also model, iterate, and implement solutions by addressing quality, cost and product mix issues in creative and cost effective manner ways to generate value.